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Despite losing a lot of shots today

Le 12 December 2017, 08:22 dans Humeurs 0

Despite losing a lot of shots today, Antony's attitude is impeccable. There are 6 seconds away from the end of halftime, Anthony ball last half of the first attack. The melon dribbled to the left of the Memphis Grizzlies in an emergency stop, aiming to create a foul after staring at his Grizzlies player Victor Caratini Jersey. However, the other obvious elbow action was under the referee eyelid was let go. Antony jumped up and immediately ran to the referee, spread his hands and the cost of the referee James - Capers on the ball argued for a long time, until the end of the show guests came out to perform after the show, shook his head, Back to the locker room. Today's game, the Blazers have played very stubborn Eddie Butler Jersey, the last game, Trail Blazers are grab two-thirds, hoping to reverse the game. See this scene, the rocket general manager Morey said, "I had thought that the last three-point forward, an incredible victory, Portland's performance is excellent. Pioneer's fiery city in the NBA prestigious today's focus of the rocket game audience is packed Andre Dawson Jersey, at home Mada Center parking lot is hard to find. One of the reasons the Portlands are so popular is that they are one of the only two professional sports teams in the town of Portland (the other is the Portland loggers team for professional football in the United States) Portland's loyalty to the home team is extremely high, even against the Rockets such a high popularity team, Moda Center fans are still unabated, placed inside the field can really feel the fans said in the mouth "setting off the roof ". (Open the roof, described as huge waves) Faced with such a momentum Duane Underwood Jersey, the Rockets missed free throw line 8 free throws.

Despite the first two months of running

Le 12 December 2017, 08:21 dans Humeurs 0

Despite the first two months of running in the field of view the effect is not too smooth Pierce Johnson Jersey, although this match Wesbrook and Anthony hand in hand surrendering 49 of 49 embarrassing data, the whole game played quite struggling, but The interaction of the Thunder Big Three in the presence of the field shows that they consciously nurture a tacit understanding and release a positive signal, patiently waiting for the ultimate formation of a chemical reaction. I do not know how much interaction, communication and tacit understanding such conversions can bring to the court, but if they really do Ernie Banks Jersey, it will definitely give headaches to their opponents Jeimer Candelario Jersey, even inadvertently Can completely change the pattern of the west. Today's game, a fan came from Italy to watch the Rockets game. At the scene he played the slogan, "I spent a 15-hour journey from Italy is to Chris - Paul." And after the game, Paul also put his boots to the fans. Stormers coach Trail Blazers talked about: "They now have the best record for the league for a reason, they attack great, and their defense has improved, I heard a data, then It was the last two seasons where they had a 29-1 record when they had their opponent score less than 100 Addison Russell Jersey. In order to be able to win, we had to score. "His team also did it in the game: The Blazers got 117 points, but they still lost the game. After the game pioneer star Lillard said: "I do not believe defeat, but if we play in the first three games as hard as today, we can win the game.

The Warriors will spend the rest

Le 12 December 2017, 08:21 dans Humeurs 0

The Warriors will spend the rest of this year in California, the last away game this year will be December 19 in Los Angeles near the Lakers Chicago Cubs Jerseys, but also Bryant jersey retired war. Cole concluded the road six in a row when he said: "I'm glad we can end the road trip with six straight wins, but happily, we all spend the happy hour with each other during our journey. We are helpful after that. The NBA regular season continues today Koji Uehara Jersey, a total of 6 games today, the Pacers beat the Nuggets overtime, Oladipo got 47 points, seven rebounds and six assists, becoming Reggie Miller in 1992, the first take Pacers to 45 + 5 + 5 players; Knicks beat the Hawks Caleb Smith Jersey, Beasley only 10 minutes after the debut six fouls out, the fifth fastest team history; Pelicans beat 76 Kyle Schwarber Jersey, Rondo sent 18 assists

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